7 Crucial things you need to know after an accident

QUESTION: Why is the number 5,419,000 important to every driver in the United States?

      According to the National Highway Transportation and Safety Association 5,419,000 is the number of reported accidents in the United States in 2010. That means that there are approximately 14,846 accidents every day. (DOT HS 811 552 February 2010 (Revised). In a typical lifetime of driving, every driver will be involved in three to four accidents. (Car These accidents can be minor fender-benders or something more serious. They can be caused by inattentive driving, weather, deer hits and a myriad of other situations. No matter what the cause or how serious, car owners will need to get their cars repaired and lives back on track. In order to do this with as little stress as possible, there are seven crucial things drivers need to know.